Kelly Ingram-Mitchell, MPT and CEO

[dc]W[/dc]elcome to Unify Health Services. We are a female owned business with a cohesive and knowledgeable team with over seventy years experience in our field. As Unify’s leader, my vision is to provide our clients with the highest level of clinical performance services while delivering a consistent, ethical service experience. We strive to continuously create a culture of excellence by living and sharing our core values.

Over the last 15 years I have operated numerous outpatient clinics and developed a national workers’ compensation and disability network. Years of experience working with healthcare partners have helped me identify industry needs and network weaknesses; thus, creating a more proficient model.

[quote align=”right” width=”350″]My passion revolves around work injury, disability and provision of clinical service tools to better serve our cause.[/quote]

This vision has proven to be the difference maker in how we do business and how we are perceived in this industry. It is my hope that we may earn this opportunity to prove ourselves.

Kindest Regards,

Kelly Ingram-Mitchell, MPT,CEAS,CWcHP