Working to keep you working!


Vocational Counseling

Unify’s team of vocational experts offers guidance and recommendations to assist in getting valued employees back into the workforce. In order to determine realistic vocational areas and define return to work options, our comprehensive process includes: a thorough evaluation, review of background, education, work history, financial status, activities of daily living (ADLs), medical status and physical capabilities by credentialed professionals. Our experts are working to keep you working!


  • Identification of job titles for RTW
  • Follow-up with claimant and potential employers to review consideration for job openings and search activities
  • Review of entire claimant’s file, records utilized for purposes of the assessment, translation of work history to Dictionary of Occupational Titles and number
  • Written report outlining all of the above information

Labor Market Survey

A Labor Market Survey is a tool conducted by CRC and CVE level professionals to identify and contact employers in a specific demographic area to obtain information relative to job availability, educational requirements, work experience, physical requirements and wages required for a specific job title.


  • Evaluates cost of returning an injured worker to gainful employment
  • Identifies if the individual’s identified labor market has job openings at their skill level and physical abilities
  • Provides employment projections, prevailing wages, and future trends analysis for specific researched occupations


Transferable Skills Analysis

A transferable skills analysis, TSA, compares an individual's skills set, work history, education and physical capabilities, from previous work experience with new return to work alternatives.


  • Expedites job placement and the return to self-sufficiency for the worker
  • Identifies short or long term employment opportunities based on a client’s skill set and employment history
  • Increased employee retention with promotion or transfer opportunities
  • Useful tool for progression planning and career path development within organization
  • Greater productivity with diversified skill sets of employees



Home Assessment

A home assessment is an on-site analysis of individual’s home environment that includes medical, living conditions, care giver, home modification, and socio economic conditions. The assessment provides an in-depth outline of recommendations for home modifications to assist the individual with activities of daily living (ADL’s).


  • Allows the parties to formulate next steps in guiding the injured worker to a safer daily routine with better outcomes
  • Provides a comprehensive report of the entire environment in which the injured worker resides taking into account medical status for functional needs or limitations