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Industrial Performance Program

The Industrial Performance Program (IPP) is customized to the specific needs of every employer, and designed to prevent muscle and joint discomfort at the onset of dysfunction to reduce and prevent recordables for your workplace athletes. Employees will have access to an onsite wellness specialist who will conduct full orthopedic screens and apply OSHA approved first aid methods to prevent injury occurrence. IPP offers 1 on 1 contact with a Certified Athletic Trainer/ Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant to observe and coach your workplace athletes to maximize performance and improve overall safety culture.


  • Coaching by Industrial Specialist
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Basic First Aid
  • Hot & Cold Modalities
  • Job Coaching/Work Place Safety Education
  • Nutrition & Wellness Education


Applying a scientific, evidence-based approach to your ergonomics process is important. The goal is to identify ergonomic risk factors, quantify them, and then make measurable improvements to the workplace, ensuring that jobs and tasks are within workers’ capabilities and limitations. The best approach for doing this is to make ergonomics an ongoing process of risk identification and risk reduction based on objective, scientific analysis of your workplace.


  • Increases productivity
  • Creates a healthier workforce
  • Decreases injury rates and associated medical, rehab and legal expenses
  • Decreases lost time and sick leave
  • Reduces the number of work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Mitigates regulatory concerns

Physical Demand Analysis (PDA)

The Physical Demand Analysis is the first crucial step in the development of a comprehensive injury management program. It includes analytical measures of the physical requirements to perform the essential and marginal job tasks, identifies maximum forces, cognitive and skill requirements, reports positional tolerances, outlines necessary machinery, tools, an environmental factors. The PDA also uses ergonomic principles to determine alternative methods of performing tasks and assess risk factors, taking into consideration the possible need for reasonable accommodations.


  • Evaluates the essential physical requirement of the job
  • Identifies environmental and physical risk factors within the job
  • Used as a Plan of Care to facilitate aggressive return to work
  • Identifies modified and transitional work to prevent further injury
  • Identifies safety concerns and makes recommendations
  • Is the basis for development of a post-offer pre-employment test (POET)

Post-Offer Employment Test

The team at Unify is one of the industry’s foremost experts in the development and implementation of a post offer employment tests (POET), which is recognized as one of the most valuable injury prevention resources for clients and employees. We will guide you through the development implementation process and operational oversight of the POET program.


  • Assists in reducing workplace injuries before they occur
  • Ensures an applicant is physically matched to the job that they will perform
  • Lowers claims costs
  • Provides a base line of physical capabilities of each employee, should they become injured during employment

Safety & Stretch Programs

Ensuring your industrial athletes are physically ready for work is a smart and proactive way to reduce injuries from occurring and is a daily reminder to your team to put Safety First. We work closely with our clients to develop site-specific safety and stretch programs tailored to their specific job physical demands. By implementing these simple and effective solutions, your company’s overall safety culture will significantly improve as well as your bottom line!


  • Reduce risk of soft tissue injuries
  • Stretching reduces fatigue
  • Increase joint muscle flexibility
  • Improve muscular balance, posture and coordination
  • Enhance safety culture and employee moral