Unify Health Services Partners with Signal Mutual for Wellness Wisdom

Mar 28, 2017

Signal Mutual Forms Partnership with Unify Health Services to Deliver Innovative Wellness Programs to its Members

L to R: James Sammons, Kelley Palmer, Lana Clark, Gunther Hoock, Jill Baxter

Jacksonville, FL, – March 28, 2017 – Unify Health Services, a nationally recognized health and wellness organization and Signal Mutual, the largest self-insured group provider of Longshore benefits in the United States, recently announced a new strategic Wellness partnership. This partnership allows Signal Mutual to deliver innovative Wellness programs to its valued Members on all three coasts. Unify will work with each Member, regardless of size, to deliver employee optimization through wellness, prevention and post-injury solutions.


Wellness is frequently being cited as an important companion to Workplace Safety. Wellness addresses the lifestyle and health choices our employees make around the clock that can affect their performance, susceptibility to injury, and subsequent speed of recovery. “Through integrating Wellness with Safety, we strengthen our culture which can positively impact not only our employees but also our bottom line.” Gunther Hoock, VP of Safety Resources, Signal Mutual.


Signal Mutual is committed to making sure their members are aware of the benefits of Wellness as an extension of Safety. The Unify team led by Physical Therapist and Exercise Sports Medicine Specialist, Kelly Ingram-Mitchell, has collaborated with Signal in developing meaningful Wellness resources for Signal members. “We are very pleased to be partnering with Signal for this important Wellness initiative. We know that these solutions can lead to significant savings through employee retention, well-being, and early return to work.” Kelly Ingram-Mitchell, President.


About Unify

Unify Health Services specializes in prevention and post-injury workforce solutions by connecting the dots between Human Resources, Safety, Compensation and Risk Management. Their innovative programs are outcome driven and unique to their client’s goals, needs and industries. For more information, call 1-888-314-5571 or visit https://unifyhs.com/


About Signal

Signal Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd. is the largest self-insured group provider of Longshore benefits in the United States. https://www.signalmutual.com/


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