ISPA and UHS Launches New Functional Capacity Program

Oct 03, 2014

Establishing Standards for FCE increases utility for rehabilitation field and helps physicians and insurers

Chicago, IL—June 25, 2014— The International Sports Professionals Association™ (ISPA) and Unify Health Services announced today the agreement to develop the first Comprehensive Functional Capacity Certification (FCC) for physical therapists, occupational therapists and assistants.

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a series of reliable objective tests, set protocols with measurements and clinical observations that are combined to determine an individual’s present physical ability. Functional performance is required for both on the job tasks and activities of daily living. A Functional Capacity Evaluation provides healthcare providers and partners parameters which outline an individual’s present physical demand tolerances, motion, strength and endurance which in combination result in functional performance.

This Certification Training is intended for Physical and Occupational therapists who seek to improve their clinical expertise, enhance their practice’s revenue stream, and establish themselves as clinical specialists in their community.

The FCE is a tool utilized by:

  • Physicians to support maximum medical improvement, rate impairment, determine restrictions, or release to return to work.
  • Clinicians to modify rehabilitation treatment protocols and or begin new treatment programs such as work conditioning or hardening.
  • Insurers to provide present objective data on the claimant’s condition to support continuation of disability benefits.
  • Worker’s Compensation Carriers and Employers to identify present physical demand levels for return to work or necessary return to work accommodations/restrictions.
  • Individuals when applying for social security disability per physician request.

Currently, An FCE certification is not a requirement to perform Functional Capacity Evaluation Testing and there is no industry standardization making the practice of it vulnerable to misuse and lowered standards. In addition, many states do not outline the professionals that are best suited to perform this type of test leaving room for error.

“Unify Health Services experts have spent the past 20 years understanding the utilization of this assessment tool, identifying the present flaws and creating a product and training certification to heighten the standards and enhance the quality, validity and consistency in functional capacity testing and reporting.There is an industry wide need for FCE standardization,” states Kelly Ingram Mitchell, President, MPT, Unify Health Services. “The industry seeks experienced and knowledgeable FCE providers who understand the testing protocols and methodology of administering a valid FCE, and how it’s use may benefit workers compensation or disability claims. This Certification Program provides a cost and time efficient method for a clinician to learn the skills necessary to become an experienced FCE evaluator. We are pleased to partner with the ISPA team as they provide professional expertise and the highest level of standards and ethics in their field as a certifying entity.”

The addition of the FCE evaluation and certification joins the successful development of the Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider (CWcHP) certification that ISPA developed several years ago. With the addition of the FCE certification and FCE certification exam ISPA is establishing itself as a leader in the field of certification for physical therapy.

“It’s an honor to partner with Unify Health Services and bring this needed comprehensive training and certification to the rehabilitation professionals.” Said Dr. John Mayer, President of ISPA.

The International Sports Professionals Association (ISPA™)is the world’s largest credentialing service for professionals in sports. The ISPA sets standards for its membership by providing professional services to the sports world spanning from children’s sports to professional athletes. The ISPA includes a wide variety of professional occupations from coaches, sport psychologists, physicians, accountants, agents, physical therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, sport physiologists, trainers, and more. ISPA designates that member professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics and have met the highest standards in their fields to provide professional services to athletes and to sports. More at:

Unify Health Services is a female owned, Florida based national organization that bring a team with over 70 years experience collectively in disability and work injury management. President, Kelly Ingram- Mitchell, MPT spearheads all clinical programs including the development of the FCE Certification Program developed through her years of field work, capacity testing, employer consulting, functional training and research. Unify’s services focuses on elite Return to Work measures which include ongoing clinical management and prevention for both employers and carriers. Unify’s therapy management program drives claims cost to an all time low. Clinical care consultation and documented functional outcomes continue to be the primary reason for our immediate growth. To learn more about their programs please visit the website.

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