Post Injury Therapy Services

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Physical & Occupational Therapy Services

As a leading national physical therapy network, that is owned and operated by a physical therapist, our team of experts is second to none. We offer a unique clinical performance model that provides savings and operational efficiencies significantly greater than conventional therapy programs. We believe that physical must have teamwork which involves all parties- adjuster, employer, case manager, physician, and therapist in order to provide optimal outcomes, return to work, and case closure.;


Our clients experience a 20% lower number of visits per claim resulting 30-40% savings.

  • Early intervention
  • Expedient scheduling and placement of the injured worker
  • Effective communication between payors, providers, and employers
  • Clinical oversight provides early identification of red flags and off track cases
  • Job descriptions and /or physical demand analysis provided to therapist
  • Individualized programs provide employer specific RTW goals.
  • Experienced providers with minimum of 5 years experience in workers ‘compensation trained to identify past and non disclosed injuries.

Peer Review

A peer review may be recommended to:

  • Identify a delay in recovery.
  • Determine medical necessity or appropriateness of care
  • Improve the quality of services
  • Insure efficient use of financial resources
  • Identify the possible need for performance improvement
  • Provide constructive feedback to the therapist.

Unify Clinical Manager and QA team provides a complete file review and peer to peer review of findings delivered in a thorough report.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

As the industry’s leader of both disability and workers compensation FCEs, our evaluators utilize the most accurate and reliable test protocols. The Unify team is focused on providing quality, legally defensible reports.


  • FCEs undergo QA review for clinical and grammatical integrity prior to finalization
  • Summary page: easy to read. Outlines FCE results
  • Reports delivered within 72 hours
  • Provides medical evidence to support claims
  • Utilized in conjunction with an IME for specific objective evidence
  • Strengthens case in the event there is a disagreement of medical authority
  • Eliminates disagreement of medical authority through early intervention and supportive documentation

A Unify Partnership will Positively Impact Case Closures and RTW Outcomes through Utilization of Our Comprehensive National FCE Network.

Clinical Impairment Ratings

One of the final components of closing a workers’ compensation claim involves assigning a fair, objective impairment rating. Historically, most state workers’ compensation systems view the physician as the authority for establishing an impairment rating. Many physicians, however, do not have time in their busy practices to evaluate the patient, perform the measures according to the American Medical Association’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, and then calculate the impairment rating. Unify will collaborate with the claims team and/or physician to complete the CIR report.


  • Includes an in depth musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Interprets and applies the guidelines for assigning impairment
  • Presents comprehensive professional report
  • Expedites case closure

RTW Fit for Duty

It is important to have the tools to assist the employee in transitioning back to work after short or long term disability. When ready to return to work, our therapy provider partners will conduct Fit for Duty exam.


  • Results are reviewed by a Unify clinical expert
  • Ensures that the employee may safely perform his or her essential job duties with or without accommodation
  • Compliance with regulations can be ensured
  • Provides a safe, secure and productive work environment

Accommodation Analysis

Our team understands that to accommodate workers with disabilities, each employment position must involve an analytical problem solving/decision making process.  This process, the Accommodation Analysis, must be specific to the uniqueness of the individual, the functions of the job, the accessibility of the workplace, and the needs of the employer.


  • Determines individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of a job, with or without accommodations.
  • Determines the disabled individual’s specific needs if accommodations are required.
  • Identifies accommodations that will enable an individual with specific functional abilities and limitations to perform those essential job functions.
  • Provides specific objective information to determine the existence of direct threat or undue hardship.

Task Analysis

Unify can assist with an in-depth Task Analysis. The purpose of a job task analysis is to help facilitate and develop a suitable duties program for injured workers in their chosen industry. We work closely with the employer to assure that the Task Analysis is an accurate depiction of the employee’s duties.


  • Minimizes risks involved in a task
  • Increases compliance and safety practices
  • Gives health professionals and employers useful information on specific duties available
  • Identifies alternate work assignments