Working From Home: The Ergonomic Way

Apr 02, 2020

Within recent weeks, businesses and office settings have experienced a dramatic change in daily operations. Many employees across the nation find themselves transitioning to home-based work. With this change taking place in such a large population of the American workforce, it is important to ensure that home office setups are ergonomically sound. This helps to promote comfort and safety for employees performing their daily tasks and help maintain business as usual. In doing so, the risk of musculoskeletal injury is decreased during times of prolonged and repetitive work activity.

Ergonomics refers to the relationship between your body and your workstation. The focus of ergonomics is to make your workstation fit you, not the other way around
This is especially important in terms of frequent use of work tools for tasks that may be repetitive in nature such as using a computer mouse.  For example: an employee that spends long periods of the day typing and using a mouse needs to be aware of the proper ergonomic setup. Positioning these frequently used items, as well as the postures you maintain, can make significant improvements in work productivity and decrease the risk of potential injury. 

Ergonomics Makes a Difference

Ergonomics should be a focus throughout all daily functions, not just a one-time project.

  • According to OSHA, ergonomically incorrect workstation injuries account for $15 billion in workers’ compensation costs per year.
  • According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health, almost 20% of missed days of work are due to injuries resulting from poor office design.
  • An ergonomically sound workstation positively influences health, safety and comfort, while reducing the risk of aches, pain, and injury.
Benefits of an Ergonomic Workspace
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased risk of injury
  • Improved overall comfort
Choosing the best place for your home workstation is key.

Working from home can sound like a vacation but before you post up on the couch or in your favorite recliner, you need to consider what the most appropriate setting is within your home to allow for an ergonomic work setup. The entirety of an ergonomically designed workplace must begin with choosing the right place to set up shop.

When choosing the appropriate workstation area in your home, a few keys to consider:
  • Adequate space to work
  • Privacy (can you work uninterrupted, and keep private documents from being seen)
  • Appropriate lighting
  • Able to position equipment (computer, keyboard, mouse, etc.) and your body to meet ergonomic standards.

Ergonomic Standards

Being able to properly place your frequently used equipment, desk, chair, and your body itself, along with the way you perform your tasks make the whole of an ergonomically sounds workstation. Here are some of the basics to look for:

  • Ergonomic postures/positioning
  • Choosing an appropriate setup  
  • Ergo-breaks and stretching
  • How to make workstation adjustments with items found around your home

With the emphasis on how to properly setup your home-office to maximize safety and productivity, it is always equally important to stress the types of things to avoid. While working in the comfort of your home, it is easy to lounge on the couch or recliner with your laptop in your lap, or even while lying in bed. These postures should be avoided because they may lead to poor posture, discomfort, and even injury when maintaining for long periods of time.

This information is a general overview of the importance of ergonomics and the setup of a home workstation. Each section can be seen in more detail through the Unify Health Services course; Working From Home: The Ergonomic Way which offers a self-guided ergonomic assessment and steps to properly implementing a home workstation.

To access the Working From Home: The Ergonomic Way course, please visit and click the UHS University tab. Pay a one-time fee or a group fee.  You can also contact via e-mail at or call 888-314-5571. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn at Unify Health Services and Twitter @UnifyHealth


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