Auto Ergonomics and Summer Travel Tips

Jul 01, 2016 ,


Auto Ergonomics and Stretching Tips to get you through the Summer Months


Auto Ergonomics and proper body mechanics are not only important in the workplace but in all aspects of life. During summer months when trends suggest more people are participating in some type of travel whether it is for family reunions, holiday celebrations, week long vacations or festivals. When traveling, most people spend 20 minutes or more in prolonged seated positions, which can cause low back pain. Here are a few examples of stretches you can do pre and post route that will help reduce stress on both the neck and spine.


Neck Stretch


Place right arm behind your lower back while sitting. Tilt your head to the left acting as if to touch your left ear to your left shoulder. You should feel a gentle stretch. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat on opposite side.


Steering Wheel Stretch


Place arms around over steering wheel, hands flexed facing down, round back. Hold stretch for 15-20 seconds.


Spine Stretch


Align your feet with your hips. With your hands lightly on top of your thighs, inhale, and roll your shoulders to arch your chest upwards and outwards. Hold for 15-20 seconds.


Did you know that when you get out of a car after sitting for greater than 20 minutes you should wait five minutes before lifting, push and/or pulling luggage or other heavy objects to prevent back pain?


Here are a few other Auto Ergonomic tips to remember while driving:

  • Remove any items out of your back pockets
  • Make sure when seated your hips and knees are aligned
  • Take intermittent rest breaks at least every 2 hours
  • Hands should be placed at 4 and 7 on steering wheel to decrease shoulder tension


Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday! In observance of Independence day, our office will be closed on Monday, July 4th and will return to normal office hours on Tuesday, July 5th.

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