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Unify Health Services kicks off 4-part Spotlight Series

Unify Health Services’ President, Kelly Ingram-Mitchell teams up with Dr. Anthony Dorto, to kick off the first of a 4-part “Spotlight Series” discussing Functional Capacity Evaluations, FCE.



The Spotlight Series focuses on inquiries that have been made by many workers’ compensation and disability professionals specific to the value, benefit, and outcomes of a Functional Capacity Evaluation.


Throughout the 4-part series, you will hear from both the physician and therapist’s point of view.


  • Part 1: Introduction to Dr. Anthony Dorto / Who can benefit from a FCE?
  • Part 2: What can be observed during a Functional Capacity Evaluation? / The value of a FCE
  • Part 3: What can a FCE accomplish? / When is a CME (IME) necessary?
  • Part 4: Performing a FCE and CME (IME) together / What happens when results do not match? / Impairment vs Disability


Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from our medical and clinical experts.


We would love to hear from you! Please submit questions, feedback or suggestions to: Bri@Unifyhs.com

View Dr. Anthony Dorto’s CV: Anthony J. Dorto, D.C., M.D., FAAPMR, FAADEP

View Kelly Ingram-Mitchell’s CV: Kelly Ingram Mitchell, MPT, CEAS, CWcHP


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