Oct 05, 2016

Are your workers at risk?

Stress and wellbeing is an increasingly important responsibility for the modern employer.

October is emotional wellbeing month. Celebrate. This is a friendly reminder of how important your wellbeing is to you and everyone that surrounds you. Emotional well-being of employees and their satisfaction with their work and workplace affect citizenship at work, turnover rates, morale, and performance. The subject of well-being has broad implications for quality of life. How we choose to live, our views and in some cases how long we live and whether we enjoy health and happiness, or suffer anxiety and illness, or worse. Fredrickson says, “Positive emotions are evolutionary roots”. Employee’s want to work in places where we feel at our best. From an employers’ viewpoint, people who feel at their best can perform at their best. Remember that everyone we encounter can impact our sense of wellness. Encounters can be nourishing and others quite toxic. When we are at our absolute best our brain is in a state of neural harmony and maximal cognitive efficiency. This positive feeling of greatness drives us to apply whatever skills we may have at their peak. Remember emotions our contagious and leadership has a great impact on our team’s inner state. Emotions flow most strongly from the most powerful person in a group outward. This gives leaders a great tool, and a great responsibility. The importance of independent management and team management of emotional state facilitates strong teams that flourish. Take a moment during this month to remember that is not always about the verbal but too about the tone of voice, facial expression, and other emotional channels that the brain has wired to read. Emotional wellness at work equals health bottom lines. This month lets focus on helping others get and stay in that state of wellbeing… This begins with helping ourselves.–Well-BeingInTheWorkplace.pdf


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