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Nurse Case Manager

Believe it or not, good injury prevention starts in the “pre-employment” stage. Knowing whether your employee can handle the requirements of the job not only saves you financial loss and/or law suits, but also provides protection for the employee.

We insure you hire the right person through the following assessments:

Post-Offer Testing – A screening administered by a licensed clinician following an offer of employment in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to ensure an employee is physically capable of performing his or her specific job.

Physical Demand Analysis – A reporting of objective measurements made during an on-site clinical observation to determine all physical functions required for job performance.

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Thousands of employees are affected everyday simply because of bad ergonomics. How one sits, stands, bends, or types has a huge impact on their health. The overall health of your workplace can change with just a few simple changes.

Evaluation and a Plan

We provide an in depth ergonomic assessment of employee work environments, habits and practices. Our team then puts together a customized program unique to your workplace environment.

Productivity Matters

Injury Prevention is important. But good ergonomics will improve productivity as well — improving your bottom line. With a productive work environment your employee with be happier, have less accidents and get more done.

We Support You

We don’t just show you the problems. We provide a clear path to success. Our ergonomic program is manageable and easy to implement. Additionally, the qualified staff at Unify is always available to provide experienced oversight and knowledge.
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