COVID-19 Employer Solutions to Maintain Healthy Employees and Business.


COVID-19 Quick Access Links


Virtual Workforce Physical Therapy

COVID-19 has changed the way we think and do. Most employees are unable to attend in person physical therapy or offices are closed; a virtual visit may be warranted. To improve patient access and outcomes, a virtual physical therapy solution is of great benefit and is offered on demand 24/7. Click here.

Employee Temperature Screening & Questionnaires

Employers know it is crucial that their workforce remain safe from COVID-19 and from other employees. Onsite temperature monitoring provides a quick and effective process. Our trained healthcare professionals (wearing CDC approved PPE) will screen employees with non-contact infrared thermometer and complete a questionnaire. Process is per CDC guidelines. If employee’s temperature exceeds guides, then isolation is required per employer protocol. Learn more.

Work at Home Solutions-Maintain Healthy Employees

This allows the Unify clinical team to intervene with employees through live stream video call. Includes report providing tracking of date, time spent, and objectives.

Employees who have completed therapy and cannot return to work due to the current COVID-19 state, still need to maintain and strengthen their musculoskeletal systems. If left idle, muscles may become weaker and deconditioned even after interventions are complete. These solutions can assist in minimizing these risks and keep the employee less likely to exacerbate an injury. Based on the needs of the worker, we provide virtual one on one exercise, stretch and return to work (RTW) solutions at home. Learn more

Ergonomic specific solutions available include:

• Tele-ergonomic assessment: It is understandable that a transition from office to home may be challenging for employees. Virtual Ergonomic Assessments for at home workstation set up and education can help employees maintain healthy body mechanics, minimize musculoskeletal discomfort from poor body mechanics or home office set up. Click here.

• Webinar ergonomic home workstation training: Newly deployed home employees may use this informational and interactive module for workstation setup, modifications and injury prevention education. Accessible on demand Click here.