Cindy Nelson – Coordination and Collection Specialist

Cindy Nelson has over 15 years experience in the Health Insurance industry where she held management positions in customer service. Her varied work experience brings a tremendous amount of value to our top tier team. As a licensed adjuster, she understands the customer and is able to assist with clinical care, cost and concerns. As a correspondence coordinator; she was responsible to reply to governmental inquiries, subpoenas and called upon for deposition if legal actions were necessary. She understands the importance of documentation and objective measures. Mrs. Nelson’s positions as a Senior Field Auditor provides her with great insight into billing and collections and importance of communication and detail. As a Grievance and Appeals Analyst, she replied to escalated inquiries requiring specialized research and response. She is able to provide support and explanation to our injured workers. Mrs. Nelson also has 10 years experience in work injury management and therapy billing/collections.

Allie Andrews – Referral Coordinator

Allie Andrews serves on Unify Health Service’s Referral Team as a Referral Coordinator,  specializing in FCEs. Prior to joining UHS in 2015, Allie obtained over 7 years of experience  in customer service working for Limited Brands, where she achieved top results in  customer satisfaction. Her experience as a leader, team builder, and business manager drive her relationships with UHS clients and providers. Allie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Central Florida. She achieved honors in the major for her undergraduate dissertation on The Everglades water management. As a member of our referral team, Allie ensures that her clients? needs are met efficiently and with a sense of urgency. She works with a network of professionals to match referred patients with quality therapists in good standing. Allie welcomes the projects and challenges that her role at Unify Health Services may bring, and she looks forward to interacting with new clients.

Faye Tate – Referral Coordination Team Lead

Faye Tate serves as Team Lead for Unify Health Services’ Referral Coordinators. Faye has over 17 years of experience in outpatient services, during which time she has demonstrated expert knowledge in medical billing, record keeping, client relations, and team management. As Referral Coordination Team Lead, Faye receives and assigns incoming referrals, leads call center operations, and ensures all referrals are processed efficiently and urgently to client satisfaction. She manages a variety of time-sensitive caseloads, sustains consistent clear communication between her referral team and her clients, and upholds Unify’s standard of excellence in all of her work. Faye looks forward to further developing her team as Unify continues to grow.