Unify Health Services Partners with MyAbilities to Bring Transformative Injury Management Technologies to Employers, Insurers and Workers’ Compensation

Dec 17, 2018

Nationally Recognized Ergonomics and Prevention Consultants, Unify Health Services Partners with MyAbilities to Bring Transformative Injury Management Technologies to Employers, Insurers and Workers’ Compensation

Jacksonville, FL. – Unify Health Services, LLC, the national leader in workplace prevention and injury management solutions, and MyAbilities, a leading health and safety technology company, announces the first U.S. offering of their newly developed digital job profiling and physical demands analysis platform – UHS Powered Up.


Providing optimal safety and prevention service solutions is a constantly evolving practice. The ability to gather and customize job requirements in a digital format was nonexistent – until now.


“We are excited to partner with the talented team at MyAbilities,” states Kelly Ingram Mitchell, Unify Health Services President. “By Utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, ergonomics research and the largest database of job profiles in the industry, this platform provides us with the unique ability to create, manage, and communicate customized job profiles and demand analysis with employers.” Additional modules include automated ergonomic assessments of office workstations (ROSA) and claims management software that facilitates causation analysis and flags psychosocial issues. All modules easily integrate with any claims management or healthcare information system, and the platform enables all stakeholders to seamlessly share data and make sound decisions based on objective and timely information.


“Our technology is a game changer for the industry,” says Reed Hanoun, founder and CEO of MyAbilities. “We are very pleased to partner with industry innovator Unify Health Services to bring the first standardized system that incorporates the latest in technology for collecting, aggregating and interpreting human performance data as it relates to the demands of work.”


About Unify

Unify Health Services is the only national network which specializes in health and safety, prevention and post-injury workforce solutions. Partnering with employers to connect the dots between Human Resources, Safety, Compensation and Risk Management to create an end to end employee solution for all departments is their forte. Unify’s purpose is to provide on-boarding prevention tools followed by post injury management solutions that significantly impact employee sustainability and lowers if not, eliminates claims cost and recordables. Their innovative programs are like no other. Their focus is outcome driven and unique to their client’s strategic plan. For more information, research www.unifyhs.com


About My Abilities

MyAbilities is a health and safety technology company that has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced data analytics into a fully integrated suite of services designed to transform human asset management. Founded by a team of industry leaders who have already brought paradigm-changing technology to the fields of health, wellness and functional measurement and restoration, the company is based in Burlington, Ontario, research www.myabilities.com

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